I’m Katrien, founder and designer of Kathings. I live with my husband and 2 wonderful kids in the city center of Antwerp.
When I was a kid, I always loved making stuff, from birth announcement cards for my newborn baby fish to little inventions (like soft wool covered scissorhandles. really!) that made schoollife for me and my classmates “easier”.

Fast forward, I studied graphic design at St-Lucas Antwerp and worked as a designer ever since.

My deep care and love for our planet, and my ongoing search and curiosity for the art of living a good life are a big inspiration for my work. My drawings remind me everyday how I want to walk the world: celebrating life, smiling, gratefull, giving, connecting and growing together, making the earth even more beautiful.

In short, sending out love, to everyone.   


Every Kathings design is made in Antwerp, our hometown.  
We use 100% green energy, the printing process is CO2 neutral, using vegetal inks and recycled FSC labeled paper. 
Because we love our planet.


We want everybody to receive love & smiles!
There are thousands of people and organisations that support people, animals and a world in need.
We donate 1% of gross sales directly to environmental nonprofits. We realise that 1% of the price of a greeting card is a small amount, but many small numbers together can make a big difference, everyone has a 1% and together we can do big things. 
Every Kathings collection supports another wonderfull and strong initiative. 
So, you’re not only sending out love to your loved ones, but to the whole world!

Check out these amazing organisations below



Their mission: ‘No plastic waste in our water!’ As one of the leading advocacy groups to tackle plastic pollution, this Amsterdam-based team wants to put an end to the increasing amount of plastic polluting the ocean by tackling the issue at its sources. Think of microplastics in cosmetics or synthetic fibres from clothing. These all end up in the ocean one way or another.
Be aware, Get educated, Find solutions.


There are too few valuable forests in Flanders. Natuurpunt wants more. Every year they look for a new, ideal location for planting a forest, with the emphasis on forests in the proximity of residential areas.
Last year, Natuurpunt planted more than 34,000 trees at 6 locations in Flanders. 

The best way to plant strong forest is to buy the ground they’re standing on. In this way the trees can grow into mighty forests full of life. Forests that can stay.